Top 10 Trading & Investing Podcasts

This is a list of the Top 10 Trading & Investing Podcasts based on user feedback. The list was put together based on the proprietary rankings. By using the rankings we now have a list of the the 10 Podcasts that provide the most practical information. The kind of info that you can immediately apply to your trading. 

Number 1: Pounding The Table Podcast

Description: This is a relatively new show ( premiered Oct 2020)run by Anthony Ohayon and Avi Mash. These guys are a breath of fresh air in the world of financial/investing media simply because they are not afraid to make calls and stand behind it. These guys literally pound the table on the calls they make and they do so confidently because they do the work to back it up. Anthony has a genius level understanding of valuation and fundamentals and has been able to merge that with the uncanny timing of a seasoned trader.

Number 2: Chat With Traders Podcast

Description: Aaron Fifield, has consistently delivered value in his shows. He has interviewed some of the best people in this business from Blair Hull to Jerry Parker to Tom Basso. Aaaron has sat down with a lot of the great traders and, more importantly, gotten them to share insights and info that you can use in your own trading.
Number 3: Better System Trader Podcast

Description: hosted by Andrew Swanscott who is himself a trading system developer with many years experience. The ideas, methods and insights that you will pick up in this show will add great value. 
Number 4: Top Traders Unplugged

Description: 3 legendary Trend Followers in the form of host Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, Jerry Parker & Maurice Seibert talk shop. The world of managed futures doesn’t get as much coverage as other asset classes and this trio does an awesome job of showing us what is going on in that world. More importantly, you will get lots of valuable trading tips and insights about portfolio management and Trend Following in general.

Number 5: Wolfpack Research Podcast

Description: Short sellers are usually reviled for their “negative” take on some of the companies/stocks that we love but the truth is that we need short sellers to sift through the noise and find the rotten fraud where it exists and, most importantly, point out the best short trading opportunities. When you listen to this show, you will get all that and more.
Number 6: FYI For Your Innovation Podcast

Description: Unless you have been on another planet for the last 2-3 years then you would know that the Ark Invest run ETFs have been killing it in the market and when you listen to the FYI podcast you will see why. This show is where ARK brings on some of their best analysts, as well as outside experts, to talk about some of the hottest investment themes/trends in the market. This is highly valuable, actionable information that can boost your own trading/investing if you know how to trade it.
Number 7: Invest Like The Best

Description: If you ever want to get a look at how Founders, Venture Capitalists & Private Equity types see the world, then this podcast is where you want to start. The host, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, is a seasoned investor and founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management and he gets his guest to lay out their road maps in detail and provide some key informational gems that you can use in your own trading/investing. This is big picture stuff.

Number 8: Best Of Us Investors

Description: host, Kerry Grinkmeyer, is a retired Financial Planner who now spends his time researching and investing in hyper growth companies and, most importantly he shares these ideas on his Youtube videos. Naturally, you want to do your own DD and make your own decisions but this show is a good starting point for learning about the big investable trends of the future.
Number 9: Limit Up! Podcast

Description: Chicago based “Top Step Trader” has been a cornerstone of Futures Trading education for decades. It is hosted by Jack Pelzer and Dan Hodgman who do a good job of sharing useful info, strategies and trading ideas for futures traders at all levels and getting their guests to do the same. Futures traders needed their own gold standard podcast and the Limit Up Podcast is a fantastic source.
Number 10: Stock Market Buy Or Pass?

Description: This show is another recent discovery and I love it. Quick, but surprisingly comprehensive, coverage of a stock form the fundamental standpoint. Just think of it as cliff notes for SEC filings, balance sheets and product/service road maps all wrapped into one and often presented in less than 15 minutes by the host Jose Najarro.

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