Qullamaggie is perhaps one of the greatest swing traders of this generation and maybe just about any generation. You can debate that all you want, but you can’t debate his outcomes – turning $5k or so into $100m in a decade, all with his own capital, is a feat I haven’t never heard about from just about any other trader. And I’ve studied a lot of traders.

NOTE: You can check out Kristjan Kullamägi’s ( Qullamaggie) exact trading strategy here.

You can talk about Darvas or Zanger, but their outcomes were quite erratic. You can talk about any of the USIC champs, but a vast majority of these outputs are very short-term with very small accounts.

If you peel back the onion on some of these massive returns, even many of the winners would admit to basically “gaming” the returns in order to win – something possible with $20k or $1mill, but virtually impossible with 30, 50, 100 million.

In my opinion, Qullamaggie has been successful for these three reasons:

(1) Day Trader Entries And Stops With Swing Trader Management

His stops are often a fraction of the stocks ADR %, but he’s using things like the 10 or 20-day MA as a trail. So if the stock goes up for a few days or a few weeks, he’s making many multiples of his risk.

Qullamaggie’s strategy is interesting because it combines the immediate, precise entry tactics of day trading with the broader, more patient approach of swing trading. This hybrid method allows for capturing quick market movements while still benefiting from longer-term trends.

He’s minimizing risk (through day trading tactics) while maximizing potential rewards (through swing trading strategies). This approach requires a deep understanding of market behavior, quick decision-making skills for entry points, and patience to let the trades develop.

(2) Superior Stock Selection

He is a master at identifying the most explosive, highest momentum stocks. Why does that matter? These are the stocks that will give you the most frequent “outlier” trades. Maybe it’ll only be a couple of trades out of 20 or 50, but those few massive outliers, that give 10, 20, 30 times your risk makes a huge difference in your returns.

These outliers, while very rare in most stocks, tend to show up far more often in the right pool of stocks. Sometimes “getting lucky” is being in the right place.

People can call it luck on his part, but he sure as shit “got lucky” a lot – or he just understood the game.

(3) He Started As A Mage ( fragile) And Became A Tank (resilient)

To use @stamatoudism‘s amazing gaming analogy, Kristjan started off as a very fragile mage. He made some big returns, but it didn’t take much to cause a lot of damage to his account.

Over time, as he dialed in his method and risk management, he became the ultimate tank – he was able to withstand “being in a drawdown 80% of the time” without blowing up or doing significant harm. Part of that has to do with the fact that his risk per trade is a fraction of 1%.

The other factor is a diversity of setup – flag breakouts for uptrends, parabolic shorts to exploit the downside, EPs which can often ignore the market conditions.

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