His Background

NBB Trader aka Omor, is one of a small hand full of Forex Traders who has managed to become consistently profitable.

He grew up in a working class family and spent his teenage years working in retail before he discovered the markets and tried his hand at trading. He quickly blew up his first account and eventually discovered the ICT Youtube channel and that changed everything.

He claims to have turned down a position at Oxford University because it would have interfered with his trading and instead spent years learning everything he could about the ICT concepts and practicing the proper execution of the strategies.

Track Record & Performance

As at the time of writing this, I have not seen any verified returns that he has made public. But he has developed a following in the online trading world, especially among ICT acolytes as one of only a few profitable FX traders.

NBB Trader’s Trading Strategy

According to Omor, he trades what is known as the “8:30 AM Kill Zone”. How he explains it is that at 8:30 AM EST across the currency market, indices Market etc there is usually a retracement into some sort of fair value gap or run on stops and, if you are paying attention, you’ll find a lot of high probability trade setups within this 8:30 time period. More specifically between 8:30 am and 8:45 am.

Now why does the time frame provide these setups? Why does it seem to work so consistently? This is due to the fact that there is an injection of liquidity that the FED wire does at 8 30 a.m every single trading day and this lines up with a high probability trade setup.

So here is a quick look at how you would put this strategy to work

Step 1: Pull up a ! minute chart of the instrument…in this case we are using the Emini Futures

Emini S&P Futures Contract 1 Minute Chart @ 8:28 AM EST

Step 2: Wait for the 8:30 AM Kill Zone/ price delivery

8:30 AM EST Kill Zone/Price Delivery Playing Out

Step 3: Identify the Fair Value Gap

Fair Value Gap Identified

Step 4: Look for a trade off of the fair value gap with context in mind

High Probability Setups Around The FairValue Gap

In this case you could go long into the FVG or simply wait to fade the moves into and above the FVG. Several potentially profitable opportunities were presented inside this 30 minute window before the New York open.

His Trading Philosophy

Omor believes that when it comes to trading, it really boils down to  whether or not you have the patience to stick to the plan. It is all about incrementally growing your account as opposed to chasing the quick, big wins.

You can follow NBB trader on X here.

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