The trading system that we are taking a look at today is the FXMKH system that is run by Ali MK. This Forex trading system is +13% so far this year and has an annual return of 31.2% per year, compounded.

Ali MK’s Background & Experience

After completing my master’s degree in economics, I became interested in the currency market and began to study and gain experience. I think that I have reached a level of skill in the field of open currency where I can create a good return with a good risk, and this work is only possible in practice and showing it.

Trading Style

What my experience in these years of trading showed me was that there is only one way to continue to be successful in this market, and that is the ability to adapt to the market conditions, and to create this adaptation from the markets, knowledge, experience, and psychological strength are necessary to control emotions. I use different methods together. I don’t use the algorithm.


Trading is like a chess game, understand the conditions of the game before each move and then make your move.

The FXMKH Forex Trading System Performance

You can check out the trading system over at Collective2. Remember that this is not an endorsement or recommendation to invest in this or any other trading system that is featured in the Stocks & Futures Trading Magazine. You should also do your own due diligence and consult your preferred investment professional.

Happy Trading

Chad Cowan

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